500 / Vespamantoida wherleyi / Male / Holotype

Specimen Images:

Dorsal Canon 5D 100mm 1:1.5
Ventral Canon 5D 100mm 1:1.5
Labels N/A
Dorsal 2 Canon 5D 100mm 1:1.5
Ventral 2 Canon 5D 100mm 1:1.5

Specimen Data:

DB ID       500
REPOSITORY       Cleveland Museum of Natural History
ACCESSION       GSMC004065 ; CMNHENT0129976
SEX       Male
TYPE STATUS       Holotype
FAMILY       Mantoididae
SUBFAMILY       (Mantoidinae*)
GENUS       Vespamantoida
SPECIES       Vespamantoida wherleyi
PUBLICATION       Svenson and Rodrigues, 2019
ORIG. BINOMIAL       Vespamantoida wherleyi

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