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The Mantodea Image Database

This database provides photographic images of mantid specimens from research collections all over the world.

It includes many type and non-type specimens found in museum collections, and specimens collected in field work on six continents over the past 20 years. Most are represented with dorsal and ventral views, as well as pin labels. The images (currently >4000) are zoomable, and show incredible detail due to focus-stacking macrophotography. About 1/3 of the ~2500 identified mantid species are imaged.

You can select specimens by means of the various menu options--such as by taxon, type, or repository. You can also use the search menu to find individual or groups of specimens. You might also try the Dorsal Browser!

The database is being constantly expanded as additional specimens, both type and non-type, are imaged. A few live habitus images taken during field expeditions are also being added.

pin labels
Pin labels for Musonia lineata
Acromantis sp.
GSMC003889 Acromantis sp.
Citharomantis falcata
GSMC003538 Citharomantis falcata